New giving platforms launched for Restored Hope Zambia

Poster highlighting the two ways of giving with two photos of person holding a card and using a phone.

After months of vetting and registration processes, Restored Hope Zambia is pleased to launch two giving platforms: our mobile money giving with Airtel and MTN and our online giving with GlobalGiving. Launching this platform is part of the organisation’s strategy to diversify income streams and empower giving withing Zambia. Board Chair Linda Malukutu Simbeye shared in a statement:

Restored Hope Zambia (RHZ) is a Faith Based Christian Charity with a goal of curbing sexual abuse in churches. RHZ doors opened to the public on 4th July 2021. Like other institutions, financial resources are cardinal in achieving the desired goal. Hence, we are excited to announce the launch of our mobile money and global giving platforms as one of our fundraising strategies. Your financial gifts and donations will enable us facilitate training of church leaders in GBV, formation of radio listening groups, coffee conversions and many other forms of engagement and awareness. These will in turn grow the organisation capacity as we serve the people of Zambia. Come and be a part of this great work.

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